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Vernal equinox

It is a tradition in many places of China to erect eggs on vernal equinox, a term of Chinese lunar calendar. It is said that due to the sun's equidistant position between the poles of the earth on the first day of the spring, special gravitational forces apply.

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I come from the north

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How do you pick up the threads of an old life?

How do you go on...

Life is battle, fight and grow

Evan 2012

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Never change

It is but a shadow and a thought that you love

The way is shut






Gods are here to defend home

New Year pictures may also have portrayals of the Gods and historical stories and dramatic characters as the themes.Themajority of them are posted on doors to reinforce the perception that the "Gods are here to defend home"

The chinese spring festival

The lines of New Year pictures are simple and bright, while their atmosphere is warm and happy.

The Four Beauties

One of the most famous New Year picture from the old times in China is the painting called "the Four Beauties",in which the most famous beautiful women of four different dynasties are displayed,who are all in gorgeous clothes.

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Babies holding carps

The most typical pictures are babies holding carps.Such pictures imply that the coming year will be plentiful.

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