Sunday, November 23, 2008


life is full. whether you live it to its fullest extent or you let it flow by you like a surge of water in a falls. life is full of pushes, forcing you to be someone, to do something. life i have seen is full of evil. and though there are such great things in the world, heart-thumping memories, love, cotton candy and beaches, life has another step. evil, the scariest thing that no one can control. life is full of morals, the obvious ones and the subtle ones.

This weekend

This weekend fill me with excitement. I know what to expect and I love the thought. The tales of holiday memories fill my mind, getting my heart pumped for the season.

what do i do now?

I wish none of this had do all who live to see such times.but that is not for them to decide.All we have to decide is what todo with the time that is given to us. And that is an cncouraging thought.