Tuesday, February 24, 2009


酒に対て歌うべし 人の生は幾ばくぞ
譬うれば朝露のごとし 去りし日ははなはだ多し
慨きを以てはまさに慷い 憂う思いは忘れ難し
何をもって憂いを解かん ただ杜康あるのみ
青々たる君の衿 悠々たる我が心
ただ君ゆえがため 沈吟して今に至る
ようようと鹿は鳴き 野の草をはむ
我によき賓あれば 瑟を鼓し笙を吹かん
明明たること月のごとく いずれの時にか拾うべき
憂いの中より来たりて 断絶すべからず
あぜを越えこみちを度り ひたすらに相い存ねん
ひさびさのかたらいに 心はふるき恩を念わん
月は明るく星まれにして 烏鵲は南に飛ぶ
樹をめぐること三たび いずれの枝に依るべきか
山は高きを厭わず 海は深きを厭わず
周公は哺を吐きて 天下の心を帰す

I lift My drink and sing a song
For who knows if life be short or long
Man's life is but the moring dew
Past days many,future ones few
The melancholy my heart begets
Comes from cares I cannot forget
Who can unravel these woes of mine
I know but one man...the God of Wine
Disciples dressed in blue
Myheart worries for you
You are the cause
Of this soing without pause
Across the bank a deer bleats.
in the wilds where it eats
Honored guests I salute.
Strike the harp!Play the flute!
Bright is the moon's spark
Never ceasing,neverdark.
Thoughts of you from deep inside.
Cannot settle,cannot subside.
Stars around the moon are few
South ward the crows flew
Flying with no rest.
Where shall they nest?
No mountain too steep
No ocean too deep.
Sages rush when guests call
So at their feet the empire does fall